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Calvin Ross is an R&B singer and producer hailing from Tennessee. Calvin Ross began making music when he was 17, right after moving back home to Tennessee from a 6 year stay in Detroit. He acquired a friend’s setup for $100 where he began making beats on Fruity Loops. After becoming acquainted with how to produce his own beats, he took advantage of his talent for singing and turned to recording and mixing. “I didn’t want to release any music until it sounded really good,” he said.




Calvin Ross

What’s your favorite line? Calvin releases a lyric video for his new single “Lost Love”, listen to it below.


Having recently released his latest heart felt single “Lost Love” Calvin Ross gets interviewed by the notorious R&B platform where he talks being an unsigned artist, Michael Jackson influences and more. Check out the interview now on

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"A heartfelt R&B record"

The latest single release from Calvin is out now! You can purchase from our very own merchandise store or stream for free via distribution sites.


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